Juan Ortiz Achievers Sales Group Training Merchant Services

About Juan Ortiz

Juan Ortiz is the consummate sales professional. With more than 25 years in electronic payments Juan brings experience in acquisitions, sales growth, motivation and team building.

Juan Ortiz started in the merchant services industry in 1998 as an Account Executive with Data Transfer Associates (DTA), an ISO in suburban Chicago.  From DTA he moved to OnLine Data Corp, where he managed over 400 independent sales agents nationwide.  Later, as a Partner and Vice President of Business Development for Bluepay, Inc., Juan played a key role in Bluepay’s acquisition of 33 merchant portfolios and the sale of Bluepay to First Data in October, 2017 for $760M.  Today Juan lends his expertise as a consultant and entrepreneur in electronic payments to Field Guide clients.

At the same time Juan Ortiz developed a highly successful, parallel career as a motivational speaker. He shared his wealth of first-hand knowledge about overcoming adversity and achieving success.  He has spoken at hundreds of conferences and business meetings and inspired hundreds of thousands of people in the US and several countries around the world.  He is the author of two books about his journey, “Never Forsaken, the Juan Ortiz Story” and “Always Learning, the Juan Ortiz Journey.”

About John Wisniewski

John is a successful sales representative and consultant who has built a thriving career through his ability to cold call and build long-lasting relationships with his clients. John started his career selling products and services door-to-door as a teenager and after 25 years running his own company, he migrated into the payments industry in 2010. Since then, he has engaged with thousands of Integrated Software Vendors (ISVs) and partnered with many to integrate payment technology and monetize payments. He has been identified as one of BluePay AND CardConnect’s most successful independent agents and he still maintains a 35% annual increase in processing volume from a portfolio he built over the past decade. He believes that his success in sales is due to his willingness to work hard, learning from his mistakes, and always putting his clients first….but mostly working hard.

John’s approach to cold calling is to focus on the “Long Game” and needs of the client. He is a true “Sales Hunter “and specializes in identifying, approaching, and connecting with his prospects. John’s clients tell him his combination of a relentless and systematic approach to capturing their trust is why they chose his solution. John also dedicates a consistent daily effort to his personal development and staying current on payment industry trends.

Throughout his career John has volunteered and served his community by participating on numerous not for profit committees and boards.

Outside of work, John enjoys spending time with his wife and family and enjoying the South Florida lifestyle.